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Property Management Services
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First Class Professional Property Management Services.

Coastline is a real estate property management company that provides its clients with the highest level of personalized service. Coastline has been involved with lowcountry property management and real estate for over a decade, servicing owners in search of reliable, and efficient management services. We also help individuals and families looking for the perfect home, throughout the Greater Charleston area.

The Property Management Team at Coastline has the necessary experience and understanding of lowcountry property and real estate to eliminate the common problems of finding your new property. Let Coastline, the leader of Charleston area property management, help you get the property you want and deserve.

Local Expertise, Professional Results

Our disciplined approach to property management has resulted in strong business growth and our long-lasting success in the Charleston area, making Coastline Property Management one of the most respected and trusted local property management companies. No matter how small or large your real estate portfolio is the Coastline Team of Professionals can help you manage your assets with dedicated focus, and five star customer service.

Proprietary Marketing Strategy

Coastline utilizes a proprietary marketing system that gets results for our customers. Being a RE/MAX FullSail, LLC property management company gives us an edge in the lowcountry area. We have access to more data, more leads, and can place tenants relocating to the area outside the United States. Many people relocating to the Charleston area depend on RE/MAX for available listings, and we have access to that information. Putting a listing on the most popular rental sites is sometimes not enough to find a qualified tenant for your property. Coastline takes this process a step further, and can market a listing across a larger audience than traditional real estate or rental sites.

Application Approval Process

When a prospective tenant submits an application a thorough investigation is performed. An in depth credit check is ordered across all 3 major credit bureaus, including a search for bankruptcies, tax liens, and court ordered judgments. Criminal background checks are performed, a verification of rental history is performed, and an eviction search is ordered. Employment history including income is verified in writing by the employer. A prospective tenant’s income must meet the criteria set forth by the owner. Our comprehensive standard application procedures ensure our owners will have a qualified tenant, who makes on time payments under the lease agreement.

Professional Lease Management

Coastline is committed to making sure all lease agreemnts are in accordance with State and Federal law. Our strict adherence to property guidelines set forth by the property owner sets us apart from many other companies in the industry. We provide owners with the peace of mind knowing that a tenant who is occupying their property will be in compliance with the responsibilities set forth in the lease agreement.

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